Gowerton vs Brecon – Captains Report

Good start to the second half of the season from the ladies this week. Everything the girls did, they did right!

From the starting whistle the ladies were the more dominant team and drove Brecon to become more defensive. The level of play the ladies demonstrated throughout the whole half was phenomenal. Simple 1 -2 passes and triangle passing enabled the ladies to remain within their attacking half for the majority of play. The ladies’ decision making was also beneficial, rolling the ball out to defence who were then able to switch the ball out of danger. With the ladies becoming the more dominate team Brecon become very defensive and in this they flooded the D making it hard for the ladies to get the ball in the back of the goal. However, this didn’t faze Jessica Williams or Nicola tucker as they persistently put both the defence and keeper under pressure.

As the half went on Brecon started to make breaks and put our defence and Amy (keeper) under pressure. However through solid marking and confident switching the ladies were able to get the ball out of danger, through to the midfield and up into the forwards. Just before half time this continued hard work paid off, a solid pass into the D from Ria Cannon meant Nicola Tucker was able to switch the ball across the D which she then slammed into the back of the goal. The ladies erupted with cheer as we went 1-0 up.

After a positive half time talk the ladies were ready to take on Brecon for the second half. It was our push back and ladies dominated once again. Outstanding communication throughout the game had a positive effect on the play with everyone worked in sync and phases of play linked and worked smoothly. With the standard of play mirroring the first half, the ladies were able to maintain the pressure on Brecon and this was evident as their frustration started to show.

As play went on the same trio were able to continue their outstanding team work and secure Gowerton their second goal. Ria Cannon passed the ball into Nicola Tucker across to Jessica Williams and we heard the delightful sound of the ball hitting the backboard confirming a goal.

Spirits were high and the ladies begun to relax more into the game. As play continued Brecon worked their way into the D and were fortunate to secure themselves their only goal. This didn’t dishearten the ladies and they kept the pressure on Brecon, but unfortunately the ladies were unable to secure themselves a 3rd goal though they were happy with the win.

From all the girls working effectively as a team and giving the game their all, it was hard for me to segregate the girls as potential candidates for captain’s player. However, there was one particular player who stood out to not only to myself but a few of the other girls. This player’s standard of play was high throughout the whole game, with her communication having a positive effect on the team and the game. She was committed to every tackle and did not give up the fight until she won the ball. Her tackles were exceptional and she made it look effortless. So my captain’s player this week is Nia Morgans. Well done!

Final score Gowerton 2 – 1 Brecon






Gowerton v Aberystwyth University -Captain’s Report

Blood, Sweat and Tears. Literally.
Gowerton travelled to Aberystwyth University on 19/11/2016 and played what I can only describe as the gutsiest game of the season thus far!

The pre match warm up, saw the girls get the fire in their bellies for the game that was ahead. We knew it was going to be a tough game and we were determined to kick off the game with a strong start and mentally dominate the game.

The whistle blew and we went out fighting straight away; it took us 10 minutes to settle and to adjust to having players playing out of position in the centre of the field. Then, we clicked and communication was outstanding; the girls were calling their players and we were reading the play really well. Aberystwyth had 2 key players who broke down through the middle of the field, Lauren Humphries had the task of ‘taking out the dutch’ and boy did she do this! Gowerton were unlucky in the first half, which saw us concede a goal. The goal came off a foot from Aberystwyth but was allowed by the umpires. Gowerton did not let this affect their spirits.

Half time talk and there was not an inch of negativity in sight. I could not say anything other than good words to my girls. We were to go back out there fighting.

Half time whistle went. Out the girls went again, fighting for every single ball. Victoria Vaughan and Ria Cannon fought like animals in the mid field, we used the substitutions frequently in order to keep fresh legs in the mid field. Gowerton were switching the ball across the field out to Ffion Morgans, Paige Hobbs, Kellie Melbourne and Rhiannon Simms. After the half time talk the wide mild fielder players used the width to our advantage (Ffion is no longer a defender!). Gowerton pressed on every single free hit that Aberystwyth had, limiting their chances of breaking. Our play seemed to be improving and we were forcing Aberystwyth to make errors.

Midfield sent a ball through to striker Jessica Williams, which saw her receive it on top of the D, she quickly switched it out to Nicola Tucker on the right, which was then directed straight back into Williams in the D, everything went into that goal. The pitch erupted; we were back in the game. (I had a lump in my throat at this point). Text book hockey right there!

Gowerton continued to fight for absolutely everything, no player was left unmarked and no ball was left un-tackled. From the back, I could see how much the girls wanted this. Aberystwyth were strong on the attack, using their key Dutch players to break through, but Amy Hansen was on fire. She was bouncing goals away from her goal, chest saves, the lot! The defensive line; Hannah Preuss and Alison Jones were clearing the balls to the mid field and Rhiannon Simms was like lightening when defending the short corners. DE-FENCE!

Gowerton were unlucky in the second half and we conceded a second goal from Aberystwyth. My girl’s heads dipped for a split second but they went straight back out there and continued the fight against Aberystwyth.

Final whistle and Gowerton had not been able to secure another goal; final score was Aberystwyth 2- Gowerton 1.

Gowerton gathered in the centre of the field. For the first time ever in my hockey life, I was proud despite losing. I could not have asked for anything more from my girls on the pitch during this game. I know how much it meant to everyone and there was not one thing that we could have done more. There were tears, hugs, pile ons and a car crash. We lost but we smashed it!

Gowerton ladies hockey club, I am so proud of you, and to have captained you for this game will stay with me forever.

In light of this, I cannot pick a captain’s player for this game as you all deserve recognition. Thank you.

GLHC for life!


 Gowerton v Aberystwyth University – 0-1

Katie Young



Whitchurch 3rds v Gowerton – Captain’s Report

A well deserved win this week for the ladies. All thanks to their outstanding play. 

Losing the toss, the ladies were put on the back foot with Whitchurch attacking from the start. However, this week the ladies clicked from the start and showed no mercy. Through excellent communication and amazing team work, the girls managed to hold Whitchurch off and turn the game in their favour fairly quickly. The ladies worked the ball through the defence and midfield through text book 1-2 passes feeding the ball up front to the forwards. From this the ladies were able to secure themselves a short corner. Despite a solid strike from Hannah Preuss a goal wasn’t to be. However due to the fault of Whitchurch the ladies gained another short corner. Still no goal. Not long after another short was awarded and from the rebound of the initial strike Jessica Williams secured the ladies their first goal. We were 1-0 up and spirits were high. 

Due to continued outstanding play, man marking and effective communication the ladies continued to show impeccable play. Despite Whitchurch’s attempts within the D and short corners they were unable to equalise with the ladies before the half time whistle.

After fairly light hearted half time talk, focusing on the positives the ladies were ready for action again. The ladies just kept going from strength to strength maintaining to put Whitchurch under pressure and put them on the back foot. However, Whitchurch came out determined from the start and gave the ladies a greater challenge. After some effective open play and a break down the line Whitchurch secured themselves an equaliser. The ladies took this on the chin and continued to attack hard. Continuing to demonstrate solid teamwork and constructive passing the ladies remained strong. With a run down the line from Hannah Preuss was able to to give  Jessica Williams a great assist for her second goal putting the ladies 2-1 up.  

The ladies were eager to hold onto this lead and through the remaining strong, that they did. Not only did they hold on to it, they smashed it! Jessica Williams was on fire, not happy with just her two goals she decided she would gain another two both from open play. Must have been all that birthday cake she demolished from celebrating her birthday on Thursday. 
All the girls played well on Saturday and deserved the win. However there was one player that really stood out for me this week. This player gave her all and put Whitchurch under pressure and made some awesome plays and passes throughout the game. Her tackling was strong along with her work ethic. My captain’s player this week goes to Paige Hobbs.
I would also like to thank Kelly Melbourne for helping us out massively and stepping in goal for the first time.

Final score Gowerton 4-1 Whitchurch

Gowerton V Dinefwr

It was a draw this week for the ladies but the energy after the game was obvious.

Dinefwr had the first push back but in the first 10 minutes the ladies were strong and showing dominance on the pitch. Defence worked well using short sharp passes between them which enabled us to get the ball out wide and drive down the line. Despite this effort and awesome team work up front the ladies were unable to get a goal.

After the first 10 minutes Dinefwr started to find their feet and become the more dominate team on the pitch. This put pressure on the ladies which effected play. We were unable to find our structure but, despite this, the ladies still demonstrated awesome play, yet something just wasn’t working for us. Despite the fight Dinefwr managed to score a fumbled goal.  The ladies were determined to get some back in the first half but something just wasn’t clicking.

After a constructive half time talk and the decision to change formation from 3 up front to 2, gave the ladies extra support in midfield. This had a positive effect on the game and lifted and our spirits. The whole game play changed from our end. We were determined and gutsy for the win. Despite defence working hard and ensuring all players were marked Dinefwr managed to fight for their second goal. The ladies were determined to get a goal and this showed in their fight and positive play. After well-structured team work the moment we had been fighting for came… Paige Hobbs crossed the ball into Nicola Tucker on P spot blessing us all with the graceful sound of the back board. The uproar from the girls made us even hungrier for a win. The ladies started to become the more dominant team and show their presence on the pitch moral was lifted and positively inspired the ladies to drive harder at Dinefwr. And that they did. Ria Cannon received the ball P spot and secured us our second goal. At this point we erupted with enthusiasm. The ladies leapt up in the air. We deserved this! The ladies continued to show their drive and determination right up to the full time whilst. We did not deserve to lose that game and we made sure of that by picking up the pieces from the first half and nailing it in the second.


My captain’s player this week has to go to a defensive player who worked solidly thought the whole game. Her tackling was strong and she read the game well. She putting Dinefwr’s forwards under pressure forcing their errors. My captain’s player this week is Nia Morgans.


Final score Gowerton 2-2 Dinefwr

Gowerton Vs Penarth 2nds.

The beginning of the season gets better with another win under our belt putting us second in the league on gaol difference.

Winning the toss and having first push back put the ladies on an attacking foot from the start. With the ball being fed from the midfield out wide to the forwards enabled the Ladies drive down the line putting pressure on Penarth’s defence. Even though Penarth demonstrated some strong defensive play the ladies were able to work constructively and feed the ball into the D. Demonstrating some fantastic individual skill Jessica Williams was able to get a cracking strike on goal which put the Ladies 1 – 0 up after only 5 minutes of play. This boosted moral within the team but the ladies knew in order to maintain the lead they needed to demonstrate robust team work.

After the restart Penarth managed to work the ball into their attacking 25 yards. However, due to our solid defensive line the ladies were able to get play back into their attacking 25 which resulted in another goal from Jessica Williams, in the 7th minute, with a dog leg around the keeper!

The ladies continued to demonstrate constructive play throughout the first half which resulted in another 2 goals from myself. The first came in the 17th minute from a ball being fed into the D from the right. This enabled me to do a reverse stick hit which resulted in a goal top left corner. The second goal came from a short corner straight strike were I was able to secure a goal bottom left corner.

After our half time talk the ladies were ready to continue outstanding play and were gutsy for the win. With Penarth taking the restart the ladies started off on the back foot. However, this didn’t faze them and all players were able to maintain their composure and demonstrate fantastic play. The defence, despite being put under pressure, were able to remain calm and feed the ball back into the midfields and up to the forwards. Despite this the ladies were unable to secure their 5th goal.

Penarth during the second half attempted to become more dominate. However the ladies didn’t allow this to happen.  Amy Hansen remained strong in goal and was able to maintain a clean sheet. Defence demonstrated outstanding communication as well as smooth switching across the pitch, which gave the midfield space to run and feed the ball forward.

I couldn’t be prouder of the ladies. The impeccable team work that they have demonstrated already this season is second to none, the positivity and support all the girls have for each other is overwhelming. Each and every one of the girls is demonstrating solid team work skills and I feel this is a credit to the phenomenal coaching from Jayde Piontecki. Each week, due to these exact reasons, my choice of captain’s player gets harder and harder.

However, after much thought my captain’s player goes to two ladies this week as I couldn’t spilt my decision. Both showed excellent individual skill during the whole duration of the game and both made a positive impact on play.

My first player showed strength within defence. She was able to maintain her composure when put under pressure from Penarth, demonstrating outstanding individual skill which enabled herself to get out of sticky situations. She was also confident to take the ball herself running it up the line. Not only did she show excellent play but her positivity and commands on the pitch are inspiring. She is able to give direction to fellow players and communicate effectively which impacts on play.

My second player was able to put Penarth under pressure up front, showing off her impeccable skill. How this player manoeuvres herself around players in the D is remarkable. Confidence oozes from her when she plays making a massive Impact on the pitch.


My captain’s players this week go to Alison Jones and Jessica Williams.


Final score Gowerton 4-0 Penarth 2nds.


Captain’s Report Brecon v Gowerton


Couldn’t have asked for a better start to the 2016/17 season. The ladies all put in an outstanding effort throughout the whole game.

After a well-structured and focused warm up the ladies were ready to take on Brecon for the win.  The ladies started off on the back foot as Brecon won the toss for first push back. Despite this the ladies put pressure on Brecon forcing them to take a defensive role.  After demonstrations of exceptional team work and individual skill the ladies secured their first goal which came from the cracking strike of Katie Saunderson.  This lifted the spirits of the ladies, however they kept their composure and continued to press.  Accurate feeding from the midfields up to the forwards allowed the ladies to get into Brecon’s defending circle which resulted in a second goal from Cath Fuge.

Again spirits were lifted but the ladies still knew they had to work for the win. After the restart there were a series of short corners against Gowerton but defence held strong and worked hard displaying exceptional defensive skills resulting in a turn over and a break down the line for Gowerton.

After several shots on Brecon’s goal Gowerton secured a short corner.  The strike was taken but Brecon had a foot on the line resulting in a penalty flick for the girls. Cath Fuge stepped up to the challenge and secured Gowerton’s third goal by putting the ball top left corner. As the game continued, Gowerton continued to press and before the half time whistle, Ria Cannon was able to secure a fourth goal for the ladies.

After a positive half time talk with constructive feedback.  The girls were eager to get back out on the pitch and continue their journey to victory. It was our start, putting us on the front foot and in an attacking role.  Play continued at the same pace and standard as the first half with the girls working effectively as a team and with constructive use of communication to drive us forward.

It was visible that the girls started to tire but with regular substitutions being made the girls were able to keep the pace of the game consistent.  As play continued a foul was called against Gowerton in the middle of the pitch, which resulted in a green card (2 minute sin bin) for Cath Fuge for knocking the ball away.  This resulted in the girls losing a forward to cover the gaps in midfield taking on a more defensive role.

The girls continued to work constructively but despite several attempts on goal were unable to secure a fifth goal. Brecon however were able to secure their only goal by creating a 3 on 1 attack on Hannah Preuss.  As play continued fatigue started to kick in the girls continued to work exceptionally hard and did not give up the fight until the final whistle. After the game there was an amazing buzz amongst the girls and everyone was pleased and proud of the way in which they had played.

This week’s captain’s player could have gone to any of the girls as they all gave it 100% and worked exceptionally well. Defence had an outstanding game defending the goal till the end, like a solid wall. Tracey Simons, after returning from injury, had an outstanding first game back. However this week’s Captain’s player goes to a player whose style of play is phenomenal. Her grace and ball skill is second to none and the fact that she was able to keep her cool while being besieged by Brecon defence, which she successfully navigated her way of every time, was exceptional. Not only did she demonstrate excellent play but her encouragement toward her team members was uplifting and motivational. For these reason I would like to give Captain’s player to Katie Saunderson.

A goal and Captain’s player on your debut, not bad eh! But definitely well deserved.


Final Score Brecon 1 – 4 Gowerton




Gowerton vs Cardiff Medics – Captain’s Report

 The ladies started off stronger during this match. Communication and defence were strong, despite Cardiff Medics efforts they were unable to secure a goal early on into the match, and this was due to the tight man marking that the ladies demonstrated and strong clears from defence. Also the world class save from Megan James on the line. 

 The ladies were able to put pressure on the medics up front but despite their efforts Nicola Tucker and Ria Cannon were unable to secure a lead goal. The Medics remained strong and did not fold despite the pressure the ladies put on them, their persistence paid off and they were able to secure themselves two goals before the half time whistle. 

There was nothing but praise between the ladies during the half time talk as everyone felt play was good between the team. This helped the ladies go into the second half strong and determined to put the ball in the back of the goal. 

During the second half the ladies still demonstrated excellent play, switching the ball well across the back, impeccable marking in the defensive circle and constructive communication throughout. Despite these efforts the ladies began to show signs of fatigue which enabled the Medics to put more pressure on. The Medics were able to get a number of shots on goal but Amy remained strong. During the second half the medics were able to secure themselves three more goals taking the full time score to Gowerton 0- 5 Medics. 

My Captain’s player for this match goes to Megan James for her consistent efforts in defence and her outstanding save on the line. Megan just came out of nowhere slid along the goal line and managed to stop the ball going into goal at the very last second. Gowerton and the Medics were both astonished by this save. Megan despite taking several hits to the legs she still kept up her rate of play. Well done Megan  

Gowerton v Dinefwr – Captain’s Report

Not the best of starts for the ladies this weekend. From the start Dinefwr came out strong putting us straight on the back foot and under pressure. Despite the efforts to pull it together the ladies were unsettled and played a very defensive game. Dinefwr ran at us strong not giving the ladies much chance to turn the ball over.

However the ladies did demonstrate some good plays and were able to put some pressure in Dinefwr’s defensive half, despite this effort and a few short corners awarded the ladies were unable to secure a goal. Dinefwr kept up their good fight and were able to secure themselves two tactical goals with one coming off a reverse stick hit. 

At half time the girls discussed what needed to be improved and tactics of how to put more pressure on Dinefwr. This talk gave the girls encouragement and they came out in the second half more positive.

The girls started the second half well. They were more settled, communication improved which had a positive effect on play. The girls were now putting more pressure on Dinefwr and demonstrating sharper passing and constructive play. Mid fields worked well working the ball up to the forwards and holding Dinefwr off. 

Nicola and Jess up front made some good runs into space receiving through balls from midfield. Defence marked well and worked constructively with midfield playing the ball back and switching away from high areas of pressure, this improvement in play increased pressure on Dinefwr. However they still came at the ladies hard. After must fight and good saves from Amy Dinefwr were awarded a short corner which game them their third goal from an unstoppable strike. 

Gowerton didn’t give up they kept up their fight and were determined to get a goal. Despite strikes from both Jess and Nicola the ladies were unable to secure and goal. As play went on Dinefwr were able to secure themselves another goal making the final score Gowerton 0-4 Dinefwr. 

My captains player this week goes to Amy Hansen for her efforts and saves made during the game. The goals that Dinefwr scored were outstanding and unstoppable and would have been difficult for anyone to save. This didn’t get to Amy as she kept up her fight and saved a number of goals throughout the whole game. Well done Amy. 

Gowerton v Brecon – Captain’s Report

Wow! What a win for the ladies this Saturday. 

The first half the girls started out strong, showing lovely one two passing, triangles and switching round the back. I felt the girls went into the game with confidence but also remained relaxed which showed in the way in which they played. After dominating the game from the start it wasn’t long before the first goal came. This boosted the girls even further making them eager to get another goal, which came shortly after. There were times in which Brecon put us under pressure but awesome man marking, communication and control within defence prevent Brecon from scoring. More pressure on Brecon defence meant that the ladies were able to score another 3 goals, taking the half time score to 5-0. 

This awesome goal lead took the pressure of the girls going into the second half, but they were still aware that they needed to put in the work in order to hold Brecon off. During the second half the girls’ standard of play remained solid. They continued to use short sharp passes, passing into space for Jessica Williams and Nicola Tucker to run onto up front and tight man marking eliminating the possible passes for Brecon. Excellent communication within our defensive half helped maintain this standard in terms of man marking and clearing the ball up the pitch. Both Jessica Williams and Nicola Tucker continued to put the Brecon defence and keeper under pressure securing another 4 goals for Gowerton. The ladies secured themselves a short corner in the second half in which Cath Fuge was able to secure the ladies another goal. During the whole match the goal scorers were Jessica Williams with 5 goals Nicola Tucker with 4 goals and Cath Fuge with 1 goal. 

This week I felt all the girls played very well making my decision for Captain’s player difficult. However I would like to give my Captain’s player to Kelly Melbourne for her awesome effort I goal and keeping a clean sheet. I felt Kelly played well making some awesome saves even though she hasn’t had any practice in goal. Well done Kelly. 

Final score Gowerton 10 – 0 Brecon 

Gowerton v Sue Noake – Captain’s Report

Another good win for the ladies this week against Sue Noake.

The first half the girls were strong, holding Sue Noake off with their awesome man marking and defensive skills. The midfield cleared the ball wide and upfront to Jessica Williams and Nicola Tucker who managed to put Sue Noake’s defence and keeper under pressure. This strong attack resulted in a goal from Jayde Piontecki, giving us a 1-0 lead. This lead didn’t encourage the girls to slack but encourage them to get another goal later in the first half which came from Ria Cannon. 

With a few adjustments discussed during the half time talk, the second half of the match started off strong with the girls showing excellent support for each other and passing into space. This contained hard work and effort paid off again with Jessica Williams dribbling the ball into the circle and securing our 3rd goal. 

Towards the end of the second half fatigue started to kick in and the girls started to drop, only slightly, but Sue Noake managed to secure their only goal. This gave the girls a boost, making them determined to get a forth goal but unfortunately were unsuccessful, making the final whistle score 3-1. 

This weeks Captains player is a difficult one, as I felt all the girls gave 100% and worked well together. Lauren Humphries contained to display her strong defensive skills and Jessica Williams demonstrated excellent attack up front. But this weeks Captain player goes to Ali Discombe. Ali held the middle well, kept composure and cleared some lovely balls up front to the forwards. Well done Ali 🙂 

Gowerton 3-1 Sue Noake