Gowerton v Brecon – Captain’s Report

Wow! What a win for the ladies this Saturday. 

The first half the girls started out strong, showing lovely one two passing, triangles and switching round the back. I felt the girls went into the game with confidence but also remained relaxed which showed in the way in which they played. After dominating the game from the start it wasn’t long before the first goal came. This boosted the girls even further making them eager to get another goal, which came shortly after. There were times in which Brecon put us under pressure but awesome man marking, communication and control within defence prevent Brecon from scoring. More pressure on Brecon defence meant that the ladies were able to score another 3 goals, taking the half time score to 5-0. 

This awesome goal lead took the pressure of the girls going into the second half, but they were still aware that they needed to put in the work in order to hold Brecon off. During the second half the girls’ standard of play remained solid. They continued to use short sharp passes, passing into space for Jessica Williams and Nicola Tucker to run onto up front and tight man marking eliminating the possible passes for Brecon. Excellent communication within our defensive half helped maintain this standard in terms of man marking and clearing the ball up the pitch. Both Jessica Williams and Nicola Tucker continued to put the Brecon defence and keeper under pressure securing another 4 goals for Gowerton. The ladies secured themselves a short corner in the second half in which Cath Fuge was able to secure the ladies another goal. During the whole match the goal scorers were Jessica Williams with 5 goals Nicola Tucker with 4 goals and Cath Fuge with 1 goal. 

This week I felt all the girls played very well making my decision for Captain’s player difficult. However I would like to give my Captain’s player to Kelly Melbourne for her awesome effort I goal and keeping a clean sheet. I felt Kelly played well making some awesome saves even though she hasn’t had any practice in goal. Well done Kelly. 

Final score Gowerton 10 – 0 Brecon 

Gowerton v Sue Noake – Captain’s Report

Another good win for the ladies this week against Sue Noake.

The first half the girls were strong, holding Sue Noake off with their awesome man marking and defensive skills. The midfield cleared the ball wide and upfront to Jessica Williams and Nicola Tucker who managed to put Sue Noake’s defence and keeper under pressure. This strong attack resulted in a goal from Jayde Piontecki, giving us a 1-0 lead. This lead didn’t encourage the girls to slack but encourage them to get another goal later in the first half which came from Ria Cannon. 

With a few adjustments discussed during the half time talk, the second half of the match started off strong with the girls showing excellent support for each other and passing into space. This contained hard work and effort paid off again with Jessica Williams dribbling the ball into the circle and securing our 3rd goal. 

Towards the end of the second half fatigue started to kick in and the girls started to drop, only slightly, but Sue Noake managed to secure their only goal. This gave the girls a boost, making them determined to get a forth goal but unfortunately were unsuccessful, making the final whistle score 3-1. 

This weeks Captains player is a difficult one, as I felt all the girls gave 100% and worked well together. Lauren Humphries contained to display her strong defensive skills and Jessica Williams demonstrated excellent attack up front. But this weeks Captain player goes to Ali Discombe. Ali held the middle well, kept composure and cleared some lovely balls up front to the forwards. Well done Ali 🙂 

Gowerton 3-1 Sue Noake 

Captain’s Report – Penarth 2nds v Gowerton

This week it was so nice to actually play hockey without getting soaked by the rain. Going up with 11 and a half players (Rhi was only available first half) and no goal keeper the odds were against us. But that never stopped the ladies drive and determination. Thankfully Ria Cannon stepped up to the plate and went in goals, despite her nerves she smashed it! 

The first half was very frustrating as we just seemed all over the place. Penarth played the middle well meaning the midfield had their work cut out. Despite opportunities and short corners in our attacking area we were unable to secure a lead goal. Not long into the first half penarth took their chances and secured themselves a 1-0 lead over the ladies. This didn’t drop our spirits but made us more determined to get one back. 

After a good half time talk led by Ffion Morgans the girls came out striving for the win. After much battling Jess Williams took the ball into our attacking circle and into the back of the goal making the score 1-1. The ladies demonstrated some lovely one twos thought the whole game and defended well when needed, frustrating penarth as they were unable to achieve the win. 

This week my captains player was a no brainer. It takes a lot of courage to get that goalie kit on and step into goal having not done it before or even had a training session to help. I felt Ria took the responsibility on well and gave it her best shot. Well done Ria you literally saved us.

Final score Gowerton 1-1 penarth 2nds