Captain’s Report – Brecon vs Gowerton

Unlucky result for the girls this week despite their hard efforts the game didn’t go in our favour.

The first half was evenly matched against both teams. The girls attacked well and demonstrated excellent team work. The first goal come from a rebound shot from Jessica Williams, this gave the girls great spirit which encouraged them to keep attacking with great strength. Shortly after Brecon came back with the equalising goal. This didn’t dishearten the girls as they kept up the fight which resulted in another goal from Jessica Williams. Half time score was 2-1 to Gowerton.

The second half was very much like the first; again the girls demonstrated great team work however structure was lost a little at the start. Despite the fight and the confusion of whether the ball went straight into the D, Brecon secured themselves a second and third goal. Although the girls kept up the fight they were unable in stopping Brecon from getting a short corner securing them their 4th goal.

My captain’s player this week was very hard to choose as all the girls gave their all throughout the whole match. However I would like to give my captain’s player to Jessica Williams for her hard efforts thought out the whole match and securing two goals for Gowerton.


Final Result 4-2 to Brecon.

Captain’s Report Dinefwr vs Gowerton

A well-deserved win for the ladies this week!The first half the girls all played well and demonstrate good team work but Dinefwr wanted it more. Dinefwr attacked hard putting the girls under pressure, which later resulted in a 1-0 lead to Dinefwr.

At half time the girls were really constructive and all agreed that the one thing that needed improving was purely just drive and determination to win. And with that the girls came back out second half fighting. 

Half way into the second half Nicola tucker managed to score the equalising goal after receiving an awesome ball into the D from Helen Quinn. This boosted the girls’ sprits even further which showed in the way they played. 

Four minutes to the final whistle the girls managed to secure a short corner. Cath Fuge received the injected ball from Jess Williams and secured another goal taking the girls 2-1 up. The standard of play didn’t drop after this and the girls continued to fight and hold on to the win right until the final whilst, where the girls leaped in the air with joy. A well-earned win!

My Captain’s player this week goes to Lauren Humphries. I felt she read the game well and remained strong in defence. Even the time when she took a Dinefwr attacker completely by surprise after snatching the ball off her with an awesome jab tackle immediately after the attacker had received it. Well done Lauren.


Final score 2-1


Gowerton v Penarth 2nds – Captain’s Report

Good game this week for the ladies despite coming away with a loss.

The first half was very fast and well match between both teams. Despite the amazing defensive work the girls demonstrated they were unable to stop Penarth scoring the only goal of the match. There was a few minor things that the girls needed to think about during the first half but after a well structured half time talk the girls came back out fighting.

During the second half the girls picked up their game putting more pressure on Penarth. Despite many shots on goal the girls were unable to secure an equalising goal.

However the score does not reflect the standard of play that the girls demonstrated thought the whole match.
This week many of the girls were playing out off position, including Annie Williams making her début in goal. Her performance was outstanding! She gave it her all and was confident in the saves that she made. Due to this performance I have decided to give Annie my captains player this week. Well done.

I would also like to thank Jayde Piontecki and Hannah Preuss-Edwards for coming down and supporting/coaching the girls from the side line despite being unwell and unfortunately not being able to play this week. Your presence and contribution at the side of the pitch  made a difference and myself and the club really appreciate it. Thank you.

Final score Gowerton 0-1 Penarth