Gowerton vs Brecon. Oct 17. – Captain’s Report

 Lots of change is afoot at Gowerton Ladies Hockey Club.  A new coach, lots of new players and a development team in the works.  What an exciting season this is going to be!

After some solid, well-structured training sessions the ladies were confident to go out on the pitch and bring their ‘A game’.  The first half the ladies started off strong, working as a team and demonstrating simple 1-2 passes. However, it all became a bit manic and frantic. This didn’t put the ladies off and despite it all they managed to hold it all together and put Brecon under pressure and fight for a win.

As play continued it wasn’t long before Nicola Tucker secured the first goal of the game from open play, delighted with this the ladies were fired up and hungry for more.  Play continued and remained strong, with the ladies using each other for support and creating space on the pitch, using it to their full advantage. Side line balls and free hits were thought through, utilising the switch making Brecon do the work. However, Brecon managed to ease their way into their attacking D and gain a short corner. After scrambling for the ball Brecon were able to secure themselves an equalising goal. The ladies took this on the chin and came back fighting.


It wasn’t long before the ladies were back down in Brecon’s D fighting for another goal. A solid cross in from the side enabled Imogen Davies to sweep the ball into the back of the net, taking the score to 2-1. But the ladies didn’t stop there, after being granted another short corner Hannah Preuss hits the ball left of goal to Jessica Williams, who secured the 3rd goal. Half time whistle blows with the ladies having the leading score of 3-1.


After a productive half time talk from our new coach, Sian Fowler, the ladies were refreshed, calm and ready to hold onto the win. The second half was a lot calmer and structured than the first. The ladies used each other and made full use of the space on the pitch. Having players available up high, wide and back enabled the ladies to feed the ball out wide, switch back when needed and pass the ball down the wing up to the forwards.

Gowerton Hockey Team Talk
Coach gives the GLHC a half time talk.

With Nicola Tucker making sure she was being nuisance to the opposition keeper, the ladies were able to secure a 4th goal. Nicola Tucker received the ball right at the goalie’s feet putting her under pressure, this enabled Lara Acott to get herself into position on the P spot to strike the ball into the back of the goal. The ladies were way ahead now but never let the pressure drop. As play continued the ladies continued to attack which enabled Jessica Williams to get the 5th goal from across goal. The sweet sound of the full-time whistle blew and the ladies walked away with an astonishing 5-1 win.

This week’s captain’s player could have gone to any of the ladies as they all worked constructively as a team, supporting each other and showing some epic team work. However, I would like to give my captain’s player to a player who is so calm in the way that she plays but at the same time still has that drive and fire in her belly to want to win. During the game her pickup was smooth and her tackling was strong. For these reasons I would like to give my captain’s player to Hazel Posso. Well done.


Final score 

Gowerton 5-1 Brecon