Radnor vs Gowerton – Captain’ Report

Another phenomenal win for the ladies again this week. Bare 11 and we smashed it.
We knew it was going to be a tough game physically as we were down to the bare 11, meaning no fresh legs or rests on the side line. However, our determination didn’t waiver to win and it was evident as we came out fighting. From the starting whistle the ladies put Radnor under pressure which soon resulted in a short corner being awarded and a slip to Lauren Humphreys secured us our first goal. A cheer erupted around the pitch, we had actually scored off a short corner and it had been a long time coming. Our spirits were boosted but we continued to play strong with the 0-0 attitude.

Within minutes we were back in our attacking D a strike from Jayde Piontecki, saw the goal keeper stop the ball dead on the line. However, a cheeky jab from Nicola tucker edged the ball over the line securing us our second goal. Play continued to remain strong, all the ladies had bonded and smooth sleek moments of play were displayed continuously in the first half. And not long before the half time whistle, Jayde Piontecki made her return to the club (3 weeks after having baby Sia) a good one by securing the 3rd goal.

A well-deserved rested half time enabled the ladies to recharge their batteries and go smash the second half. It was at this point that we could have really done with some subs. The freaky warm weather didn’t help the situation and I’m pretty sure Ria cannon got sun burnt :p.

The second half was pretty much identical to the first. The ladies smashed it once again, despite being tired they did not give up the fight. Radnor began to run out hard but we still managed to hold them off. Amazing defensive work and awesome saves from Amy enabled this. It wasn’t long again before our amazing forwards were outing the Radnor keeper under pressure again, which resulted in Jayde securing the 4th goal of the match, this girl is on fire! After having a baby, she comes back and smashes it.

As play continued Radnor were able to come back and score their one and only goal of the match, despite Amy being a little disheartened not having a clean sheet the ladies weren’t too concerned as we knew that we could get another one back. And that we did, not just the one but two. Our 5th goal come from Nicola Tucker and out final/6th goal from Ria Cannon.
It was again very hard this week to choose a captain’ player as everyone gave it their all. However, I would like to give my captain’s player to a player that potentially doesn’t get the recognition she deserves. She is always our last bit of hope on the pitch and over the last couple of games, including this one has made some awesome saves, despite the pressure she it put under. For this reason I would like to give my captains player to Amy Hansen. Well done hun. 

Final score Gowerton 6-1 Radnor. 

Gowerton v Whitchurch Saints 3rds – Captain’s Report

Brilliant win for the ladies this week, nothing but epic play displayed through the whole 70 minutes.

Braving the bitter cold and the welsh weather’s attempt of snow; the ladies were warm and fit to play. Having won the toss it was our first push back and the ladies started as they meant to go on. Not having key players, meant a few girls were out of position but this didn’t faze them. Each lady gave it their all and worked effectively as a team putting Saints 3rds under pressure. 

After a good period of open play the ladies deserving secured their first goal. A solid pass to Jessica Williams in the D enabled Jess to give us all the graceful sound of the back board. Despite the goal the ladies didn’t get complacent and continued the fight for the win with our standard 0-0 attitude. Solid passing, one two passing and switching throughout the first half enabled the ladies to keep this pressure on Saints and enabled Jessica Williams to secure another 2 goals from open play.

After a quick half time turn around the ladies were ready to bring it again. And bring it they did! With the advantage of the score difference it encouraged the ladies to be brave enough and trial new things during both open play and short corners and it paid off. With a slip to Paige Hobbs, on a short corner, it enabled her to feed the ball into the D causing Ria Cannon to secure the 4th goal. The ‘can’t score Cannon’ curse was over. With the awesome goal difference the ladies confidently relaxed into the flow of the game and continued to work solidly as a team and demonstrated some slick hockey. Saints had a break which enabled them to skilfully dribble the ball into the D and secure their only goal. This goal didn’t faze the ladies and Jessica Williams secured the 5th and final goal from open play.

For my captain’s player, there was one player who massively stood out to me and I think a few of the girls too. This player gave her all and fought her hardest in every tackle. Her confidence is growing massively which is having a massive positive impact on her game; she was even at one point on the goal line fighting for a goal. Whenever this player goes into a tackle I am 100% confident she will come out with the ball as she doesn’t give up. My captain’s player this week is Rhiannon Simms. You are totally epic babes well done. 

Final score Gowerton 5 -1 Saints 3rds  

Gowerton V Dinefwr – Captain’s Report


Well what can I say about this game?!

The first half of this match was intense and Dinefwr came out strong putting us under pressure, but we were determined we weren’t going to take it lying down.

However we gave as good as we got though but unfortunately despite our efforts and hard work, e went 0-1 down as Dinefwr took advantage of a Gowerton mistake, which left a player free and open in the D.

Wasn’t the best first quarter but I suppose we can’t be perfect all the time hey ladies! This result didn’t reflect how we continued to play in the first half.  Despite efforts on both parts, neither Dinefwr or Gowerton were able to secure a goal in the second quarter.

After a very constructive and empowered half time talk, from all the ladies we were ready to nail the second half. And that we did!

Dinefwr hardly had a look in, we fought till the end. Set plays, passing and positive communication between the girls were all nailed. The ladies bounded together and worked solidly as a team. Despite a few flared tempers over decisions made the ladies remained united. The majority of the play was in our attacking half, with occasional breaks from one key Dinefwr player. Defence weren’t having that and crushed Dinefwr attempts by feeding the ball through to midfield and up to the forwards.

Though the girls worked tirelessly, with open play and short corners, we were unable to secure a goal. Full time whistle blew, on paper we lost but deep down all the ladies knew that we smashed it!

I may sound biased, but the score definitely didn’t reflect on how we played! After the game the ladies were all on a high, for many different reasons #nocomment! I couldn’t have been prouder of the girls I was on Saturday. This is why I love my team, they don’t take things lightly! Uppagower till the end.

This week captain’s player could have gone to any one of the girls they all gave blood sweat and tears to their efforts in the game. However, one player particularly stood out for me as she gave everything in this game and ensured Dinefwr were not getting passed her without a fight. Her drive and her tackling were on point and she just gave her all to every aspect of the game. And for that reason I would like to give my captain’s player to Rhiannon Simms. Well done! 

Final score Gowerton 0-1 Dinefwr


Here are some photos of the match taken by Taylor…