Gowerton V Dinefwr – Captain’s Report


Well what can I say about this game?!

The first half of this match was intense and Dinefwr came out strong putting us under pressure, but we were determined we weren’t going to take it lying down.

However we gave as good as we got though but unfortunately despite our efforts and hard work, e went 0-1 down as Dinefwr took advantage of a Gowerton mistake, which left a player free and open in the D.

Wasn’t the best first quarter but I suppose we can’t be perfect all the time hey ladies! This result didn’t reflect how we continued to play in the first half.  Despite efforts on both parts, neither Dinefwr or Gowerton were able to secure a goal in the second quarter.

After a very constructive and empowered half time talk, from all the ladies we were ready to nail the second half. And that we did!

Dinefwr hardly had a look in, we fought till the end. Set plays, passing and positive communication between the girls were all nailed. The ladies bounded together and worked solidly as a team. Despite a few flared tempers over decisions made the ladies remained united. The majority of the play was in our attacking half, with occasional breaks from one key Dinefwr player. Defence weren’t having that and crushed Dinefwr attempts by feeding the ball through to midfield and up to the forwards.

Though the girls worked tirelessly, with open play and short corners, we were unable to secure a goal. Full time whistle blew, on paper we lost but deep down all the ladies knew that we smashed it!

I may sound biased, but the score definitely didn’t reflect on how we played! After the game the ladies were all on a high, for many different reasons #nocomment! I couldn’t have been prouder of the girls I was on Saturday. This is why I love my team, they don’t take things lightly! Uppagower till the end.

This week captain’s player could have gone to any one of the girls they all gave blood sweat and tears to their efforts in the game. However, one player particularly stood out for me as she gave everything in this game and ensured Dinefwr were not getting passed her without a fight. Her drive and her tackling were on point and she just gave her all to every aspect of the game. And for that reason I would like to give my captain’s player to Rhiannon Simms. Well done! 

Final score Gowerton 0-1 Dinefwr


Here are some photos of the match taken by Taylor…




Captain’s Report – Brecon vs Gowerton

Unlucky result for the girls this week despite their hard efforts the game didn’t go in our favour.

The first half was evenly matched against both teams. The girls attacked well and demonstrated excellent team work. The first goal come from a rebound shot from Jessica Williams, this gave the girls great spirit which encouraged them to keep attacking with great strength. Shortly after Brecon came back with the equalising goal. This didn’t dishearten the girls as they kept up the fight which resulted in another goal from Jessica Williams. Half time score was 2-1 to Gowerton.

The second half was very much like the first; again the girls demonstrated great team work however structure was lost a little at the start. Despite the fight and the confusion of whether the ball went straight into the D, Brecon secured themselves a second and third goal. Although the girls kept up the fight they were unable in stopping Brecon from getting a short corner securing them their 4th goal.

My captain’s player this week was very hard to choose as all the girls gave their all throughout the whole match. However I would like to give my captain’s player to Jessica Williams for her hard efforts thought out the whole match and securing two goals for Gowerton.


Final Result 4-2 to Brecon.

Gowerton v Penarth 2nds – Captain’s Report

Good game this week for the ladies despite coming away with a loss.

The first half was very fast and well match between both teams. Despite the amazing defensive work the girls demonstrated they were unable to stop Penarth scoring the only goal of the match. There was a few minor things that the girls needed to think about during the first half but after a well structured half time talk the girls came back out fighting.

During the second half the girls picked up their game putting more pressure on Penarth. Despite many shots on goal the girls were unable to secure an equalising goal.

However the score does not reflect the standard of play that the girls demonstrated thought the whole match.
This week many of the girls were playing out off position, including Annie Williams making her début in goal. Her performance was outstanding! She gave it her all and was confident in the saves that she made. Due to this performance I have decided to give Annie my captains player this week. Well done.

I would also like to thank Jayde Piontecki and Hannah Preuss-Edwards for coming down and supporting/coaching the girls from the side line despite being unwell and unfortunately not being able to play this week. Your presence and contribution at the side of the pitch  made a difference and myself and the club really appreciate it. Thank you.

Final score Gowerton 0-1 Penarth

Captain’s Report – Radnor vs Gowerton

Great effort from the ladies this week resulting in a 3 – 0 victory over Radnor.


The girls worked really well together this week and there was good moral on the pitch, giving a good buzz to the game. The first half of the game the ladies attacked strongly and with great determination, and soon after the starting whistle a goal came from Nicola Tucker.

The ladies continued the high standard of play, with the majority of play being within our attacking half. The demonstration of excellent team work and drive resulted in 2 further goals. One from Jess Williams and an amazing rebound volley from Rhia Cannon (I don’t know what was more entertaining, her goal or her reaction for scoring haha).


The second half of the game the girls really settled into it and continued to demonstrate excellent team work. Radnor came back fighting and picked up their standard of game putting the ladies under pressure at times, however despite opportunities from shots and short corners Radnor where unable to securer a goal resulting in a clean sheet for Rhi Phiilips this week. Rhi is continually improving in goal and is making some out-standing saves.


During this week’s game Paige Hobbs and Rhia Cannon demonstrated some lovely pair work, showing some lovely play down the right hand side of the pitch. I feel the girls really gelled and complimented each other’s level of play. For this reason and her outstanding goal I would like to give my Captains player to Rhia Cannon. well done!

Gowerton v Cardiff Medics – Captain’s Report

A tough game for the ladies this week.

First half started off very defensively, with the girls not able to get out of their defensive half for the first 15 minutes. However, after much battling the girls made a break through and ventured into the opponents D which resulted in a goal from Nicola Tucker, giving the ladies the confidence they needed. The first half continued very defensively with Cardiff medics having plenty of opportunity to score. After many short corner opportunities Cardiff were successful in securing a goal, making the half time score 1-1.

After a constructive half time talk the ladies started the second half confident and strong, demonstrating good team work. The hard worked paid off with another goal from Nicola Tucker. This boosted the teams sprits. However, Cardiff medics soon secured another goal taking the score to 2-2. Despite the outstanding defensive work demonstrated by the girls, especially the back line, the girls were unsuccessful in stopping Cardiff from securing a 3rd goal, making the final score 3-2 to Cardiff medics.

I would like to give my Captains player to Rhiannon Simms for her outstanding defence during the whole game, committing to every tackle and stopping several short corner straight strikes.

I was fortunate enough to secure Man of the match voted by the opponents.

Captain’s Report – Gowerton vs Cardiff Uni 3rds

Captain’s report

Another good game for the ladies.

The first half seemed very frantic but the girls started off strong, managing to keep the structure and attack with confidence resulting in a goal from Nicola Tucker, taking us 1-0 up at half time.

After a constructive half-time talk the girls remained confident and demonstrated this on the pitch, continuing the good performance from the first half. After much battling Cardiff were successfully in scoring a goal which came from a volley of one of their forwards. Despite the great efforts from the girls and number of opportunities the girls were unlucky in conceding a second goal resulting in the score being 1 all at the full-time whistle.

I feel the score doesn’t reflect on the outstanding efforts and team work from the girls, as they kept the standard high throughout.

Final Score was 1-1

Captain’s Report – Gowerton Vs Kington

A brilliant first game for the ladies today. We came away with a 2-1 victory over Kington, giving us a good start to this season. The standard of play was amazing and both teams gave their all, the game could have gone either way but we were the lucky ones claiming the win. Each player played awesomely and was really committed to the game. There was excellent team work displayed thought the game and set plays looked strong, showing that the dedication the girls show in training is paying off.

I would personally like to congratulate Rhi our goal keeper for having a stormer of a game, Rhi was very nervous at the start of the game having not played in goal for a long time but was fearless on the pitch.

I would also like to congratulate Cath our centre midfield for gaining the well deserved man of the match title, she had a strong game and committed to every tackle, she read the game well and encouraged the girls well.

Thank you to Amy who unfortunately couldn’t  play today but still came along to support the girls and help with substitutions and finally thank you to all that played today you should all be proud!

Hockey goalie
Goalie Rhi saving a cracking warm up shot

The Back to Hockey Scheme at Gowerton Hockey Club

So we held a free 6 week Back to Hockey scheme over the summer. What a success it turned out to be! The first week saw over 15 new faces turn up from all over Swansea and Llanelli to have a go on the old stick and ball. Each session we saw a good number of ladies attend to have a go.

Each session was specifically planned out to help the ladies dust off the cobwebs and remember why they enjoyed hockey so much in the first place. And it appears that it worked and they enjoyed themselves because come rain or shine (and there was a lot of rain) we always had a good turn out.

We even had people vying to put on the goalie kit!!

Rhi Rhi






Looks like from the success of the Back to Hockey has brought the beautiful game back into several ladies lives and Gowerton now has a few more members!

Happy Days!!