Gowerton Vs Bridgend – 3rd Nov 18

Gowerton began the game with fervour; skilfully utilising one-two passes and strong hits from the back up into the forwards, making for an end to end game from start to final whistle. The hard work quickly paid off with Nicola Tucker securing the first point for Gowerton, taking them into the lead.

A break in Gowerton’s back line allowed Bridgend to tackle through into the D and score an equalising goal, putting Gowerton under pressure. However, after a productive half time talk, Gowerton came back stronger, gaining a lot of possession in their attacking half.

Although a few breaks were made by Bridgend, Gowerton continued to press and attack, resulting in a second goal from Nicola Tucker. From here on, Gowerton were able to hold onto the lead; clearing the ball wide up the pitch, showing great execution midfield through to the forwards.

The game ended with a final score of 2-1 to Gowerton and man of the match was awarded to Jessica Williams.

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