Gowerton v Whitchurch Saints 3rds – Captain’s Report

Brilliant win for the ladies this week, nothing but epic play displayed through the whole 70 minutes.

Braving the bitter cold and the welsh weather’s attempt of snow; the ladies were warm and fit to play. Having won the toss it was our first push back and the ladies started as they meant to go on. Not having key players, meant a few girls were out of position but this didn’t faze them. Each lady gave it their all and worked effectively as a team putting Saints 3rds under pressure. 

After a good period of open play the ladies deserving secured their first goal. A solid pass to Jessica Williams in the D enabled Jess to give us all the graceful sound of the back board. Despite the goal the ladies didn’t get complacent and continued the fight for the win with our standard 0-0 attitude. Solid passing, one two passing and switching throughout the first half enabled the ladies to keep this pressure on Saints and enabled Jessica Williams to secure another 2 goals from open play.

After a quick half time turn around the ladies were ready to bring it again. And bring it they did! With the advantage of the score difference it encouraged the ladies to be brave enough and trial new things during both open play and short corners and it paid off. With a slip to Paige Hobbs, on a short corner, it enabled her to feed the ball into the D causing Ria Cannon to secure the 4th goal. The ‘can’t score Cannon’ curse was over. With the awesome goal difference the ladies confidently relaxed into the flow of the game and continued to work solidly as a team and demonstrated some slick hockey. Saints had a break which enabled them to skilfully dribble the ball into the D and secure their only goal. This goal didn’t faze the ladies and Jessica Williams secured the 5th and final goal from open play.

For my captain’s player, there was one player who massively stood out to me and I think a few of the girls too. This player gave her all and fought her hardest in every tackle. Her confidence is growing massively which is having a massive positive impact on her game; she was even at one point on the goal line fighting for a goal. Whenever this player goes into a tackle I am 100% confident she will come out with the ball as she doesn’t give up. My captain’s player this week is Rhiannon Simms. You are totally epic babes well done. 

Final score Gowerton 5 -1 Saints 3rds  

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