Gowerton V Dinefwr

It was a draw this week for the ladies but the energy after the game was obvious.

Dinefwr had the first push back but in the first 10 minutes the ladies were strong and showing dominance on the pitch. Defence worked well using short sharp passes between them which enabled us to get the ball out wide and drive down the line. Despite this effort and awesome team work up front the ladies were unable to get a goal.

After the first 10 minutes Dinefwr started to find their feet and become the more dominate team on the pitch. This put pressure on the ladies which effected play. We were unable to find our structure but, despite this, the ladies still demonstrated awesome play, yet something just wasn’t working for us. Despite the fight Dinefwr managed to score a fumbled goal.  The ladies were determined to get some back in the first half but something just wasn’t clicking.

After a constructive half time talk and the decision to change formation from 3 up front to 2, gave the ladies extra support in midfield. This had a positive effect on the game and lifted and our spirits. The whole game play changed from our end. We were determined and gutsy for the win. Despite defence working hard and ensuring all players were marked Dinefwr managed to fight for their second goal. The ladies were determined to get a goal and this showed in their fight and positive play. After well-structured team work the moment we had been fighting for came… Paige Hobbs crossed the ball into Nicola Tucker on P spot blessing us all with the graceful sound of the back board. The uproar from the girls made us even hungrier for a win. The ladies started to become the more dominant team and show their presence on the pitch moral was lifted and positively inspired the ladies to drive harder at Dinefwr. And that they did. Ria Cannon received the ball P spot and secured us our second goal. At this point we erupted with enthusiasm. The ladies leapt up in the air. We deserved this! The ladies continued to show their drive and determination right up to the full time whilst. We did not deserve to lose that game and we made sure of that by picking up the pieces from the first half and nailing it in the second.


My captain’s player this week has to go to a defensive player who worked solidly thought the whole game. Her tackling was strong and she read the game well. She putting Dinefwr’s forwards under pressure forcing their errors. My captain’s player this week is Nia Morgans.


Final score Gowerton 2-2 Dinefwr

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