Gowerton Vs Penarth 2nds.

The beginning of the season gets better with another win under our belt putting us second in the league on gaol difference.

Winning the toss and having first push back put the ladies on an attacking foot from the start. With the ball being fed from the midfield out wide to the forwards enabled the Ladies drive down the line putting pressure on Penarth’s defence. Even though Penarth demonstrated some strong defensive play the ladies were able to work constructively and feed the ball into the D. Demonstrating some fantastic individual skill Jessica Williams was able to get a cracking strike on goal which put the Ladies 1 – 0 up after only 5 minutes of play. This boosted moral within the team but the ladies knew in order to maintain the lead they needed to demonstrate robust team work.

After the restart Penarth managed to work the ball into their attacking 25 yards. However, due to our solid defensive line the ladies were able to get play back into their attacking 25 which resulted in another goal from Jessica Williams, in the 7th minute, with a dog leg around the keeper!

The ladies continued to demonstrate constructive play throughout the first half which resulted in another 2 goals from myself. The first came in the 17th minute from a ball being fed into the D from the right. This enabled me to do a reverse stick hit which resulted in a goal top left corner. The second goal came from a short corner straight strike were I was able to secure a goal bottom left corner.

After our half time talk the ladies were ready to continue outstanding play and were gutsy for the win. With Penarth taking the restart the ladies started off on the back foot. However, this didn’t faze them and all players were able to maintain their composure and demonstrate fantastic play. The defence, despite being put under pressure, were able to remain calm and feed the ball back into the midfields and up to the forwards. Despite this the ladies were unable to secure their 5th goal.

Penarth during the second half attempted to become more dominate. However the ladies didn’t allow this to happen.  Amy Hansen remained strong in goal and was able to maintain a clean sheet. Defence demonstrated outstanding communication as well as smooth switching across the pitch, which gave the midfield space to run and feed the ball forward.

I couldn’t be prouder of the ladies. The impeccable team work that they have demonstrated already this season is second to none, the positivity and support all the girls have for each other is overwhelming. Each and every one of the girls is demonstrating solid team work skills and I feel this is a credit to the phenomenal coaching from Jayde Piontecki. Each week, due to these exact reasons, my choice of captain’s player gets harder and harder.

However, after much thought my captain’s player goes to two ladies this week as I couldn’t spilt my decision. Both showed excellent individual skill during the whole duration of the game and both made a positive impact on play.

My first player showed strength within defence. She was able to maintain her composure when put under pressure from Penarth, demonstrating outstanding individual skill which enabled herself to get out of sticky situations. She was also confident to take the ball herself running it up the line. Not only did she show excellent play but her positivity and commands on the pitch are inspiring. She is able to give direction to fellow players and communicate effectively which impacts on play.

My second player was able to put Penarth under pressure up front, showing off her impeccable skill. How this player manoeuvres herself around players in the D is remarkable. Confidence oozes from her when she plays making a massive Impact on the pitch.


My captain’s players this week go to Alison Jones and Jessica Williams.


Final score Gowerton 4-0 Penarth 2nds.


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