Captain’s Report Dinefwr vs Gowerton

A well-deserved win for the ladies this week!The first half the girls all played well and demonstrate good team work but Dinefwr wanted it more. Dinefwr attacked hard putting the girls under pressure, which later resulted in a 1-0 lead to Dinefwr.

At half time the girls were really constructive and all agreed that the one thing that needed improving was purely just drive and determination to win. And with that the girls came back out second half fighting. 

Half way into the second half Nicola tucker managed to score the equalising goal after receiving an awesome ball into the D from Helen Quinn. This boosted the girls’ sprits even further which showed in the way they played. 

Four minutes to the final whistle the girls managed to secure a short corner. Cath Fuge received the injected ball from Jess Williams and secured another goal taking the girls 2-1 up. The standard of play didn’t drop after this and the girls continued to fight and hold on to the win right until the final whilst, where the girls leaped in the air with joy. A well-earned win!

My Captain’s player this week goes to Lauren Humphries. I felt she read the game well and remained strong in defence. Even the time when she took a Dinefwr attacker completely by surprise after snatching the ball off her with an awesome jab tackle immediately after the attacker had received it. Well done Lauren.


Final score 2-1


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