Gowerton vs Brecon – Captains Report

Good start to the second half of the season from the ladies this week. Everything the girls did, they did right!

From the starting whistle the ladies were the more dominant team and drove Brecon to become more defensive. The level of play the ladies demonstrated throughout the whole half was phenomenal. Simple 1 -2 passes and triangle passing enabled the ladies to remain within their attacking half for the majority of play. The ladies’ decision making was also beneficial, rolling the ball out to defence who were then able to switch the ball out of danger. With the ladies becoming the more dominate team Brecon become very defensive and in this they flooded the D making it hard for the ladies to get the ball in the back of the goal. However, this didn’t faze Jessica Williams or Nicola tucker as they persistently put both the defence and keeper under pressure.

As the half went on Brecon started to make breaks and put our defence and Amy (keeper) under pressure. However through solid marking and confident switching the ladies were able to get the ball out of danger, through to the midfield and up into the forwards. Just before half time this continued hard work paid off, a solid pass into the D from Ria Cannon meant Nicola Tucker was able to switch the ball across the D which she then slammed into the back of the goal. The ladies erupted with cheer as we went 1-0 up.

After a positive half time talk the ladies were ready to take on Brecon for the second half. It was our push back and ladies dominated once again. Outstanding communication throughout the game had a positive effect on the play with everyone worked in sync and phases of play linked and worked smoothly. With the standard of play mirroring the first half, the ladies were able to maintain the pressure on Brecon and this was evident as their frustration started to show.

As play went on the same trio were able to continue their outstanding team work and secure Gowerton their second goal. Ria Cannon passed the ball into Nicola Tucker across to Jessica Williams and we heard the delightful sound of the ball hitting the backboard confirming a goal.

Spirits were high and the ladies begun to relax more into the game. As play continued Brecon worked their way into the D and were fortunate to secure themselves their only goal. This didn’t dishearten the ladies and they kept the pressure on Brecon, but unfortunately the ladies were unable to secure themselves a 3rd goal though they were happy with the win.

From all the girls working effectively as a team and giving the game their all, it was hard for me to segregate the girls as potential candidates for captain’s player. However, there was one particular player who stood out to not only to myself but a few of the other girls. This player’s standard of play was high throughout the whole game, with her communication having a positive effect on the team and the game. She was committed to every tackle and did not give up the fight until she won the ball. Her tackles were exceptional and she made it look effortless. So my captain’s player this week is Nia Morgans. Well done!

Final score Gowerton 2 – 1 Brecon





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