Captain’s Report – Swansea 3rds v Gowerton

Unlucky result for the girls today. The final score doesn’t reflect on the standard of play that the girls demonstrated from start to finish. 
The first half was evenly match, showing good structure and team work from both sides. Despite the many opportunities the ladies had on goal we were unable to get one passed their goal keeper who was making some awesome saves. Out on the pitch the girls demonstrated some excellent team work and support. Defensive played awesome and utilised the switch perfectly taking the pressure off. 
After the half time talk there was nothing really to change other than the fact that we wanted the win more! The second half went more in our favour with majority of play being in our attacking half and again despite the outstanding efforts from the girls we were unable to get the goal. As the half continued Swansea managed to make a break which resulted in a goal from their captain. Despite this the girls still showed determination and drive. Keeping the structure and demonstrating excellent team work. 
The 1-0 defeat is disheartening and I personally feel we should have come away with the win. But I am so proud of the team for their efforts today. It just happens to be one of those things. I would personally like to thank all the girls who played today for their positivity and support they have for each other both on and off the pitch. 
Captains player for me this week is a tricky one as each player gave their all. Cath Fuge held the middle well, Ali Discombe demonstrated some great play as a right mid-fielder and Katie Young made some good decisions switching the ball out wide taking the pressure off the defence. My Captains player today I would like to give to Hannah Preuss-Edwards along with Katie she showed great strength on the back line, her decision making was excellent and she made some brilliant tackles. Hannah read the game well today, well Done. 

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